Feb. 10, 2011

Faculty policy changes stall in senate

by Erin Rosacker

Discussion continued on a pair of Faculty Handbook items at the Feb. 8 Faculty Senate meeting. In January, senators postponed a decision on proposed changes to the faculty conduct policy and introduced revisions to the post-tenure review policy. Both were carried over again for an expected vote at the senate's March 8 meeting.

Conduct policy

The conduct policy changes would add "unacceptable performance of duties" to the list of misconduct items, and outline procedures for dealing with faculty who are not fulfilling the expectations of their position responsibility statement (PRS).

The document has been revised extensively since it was introduced in December. Another amendment was approved Tuesday, and the senate voted to table the discussion of an additional change. The most updated version of the proposed policy should be available on the Faculty Senate website next week.

Post-tenure review

The senate's continued focus on the conduct policy cut short discussion of proposed changes to the post-tenure review policy. The new language would add several items, including the:

  • Post-tenure review timeline
  • Post-tenure review outcomes
  • Role of the department chair
  • Role of the dean
  • Role of the provost

The short discussion did address why salary considerations were part of the language added to the current review process.

"The concept of adding a salary bump in here was brought up as a way of potentially enticing faculty to take the post-tenure review process more seriously," said president-elect Steve Freeman.

Other business

  • Senators unanimously approved plant pathology's name change to the department of plant pathology and microbiology.
  • Changes to the promotion and tenure policy (Faculty Handbook section were introduced, which would allow faculty to request an "early" review for promotion and tenure, especially when previously approved extensions no longer are needed.