Aug. 12, 2010

Paint ... by the numbers

by Paula Van Brocklin

The "Green Your Scene" paint collection wrapped up July 30, and the numbers are in.

Environmental health and safety employees collected approximately 165 gallons of paint and 43 aerosol spray cans from 16 campus locations, June 14 through July 30. The unused paint filled four 55-gallon drums.

The paint was sent to a disposal company, where it will be turned into alternative fuel. The Ames Resource Recovery Plant received the empty paint cans, which will be shredded and recycled.

The aerosol paint cans also will be shredded off-site. The propellant from the cans will be recovered for energy use, and the steel will be recycled.

Contact Sean Whalen, EHS, 4-2009, if you missed the university's paint collection campaign and still have paint to dispose of.

Reminder: If you wish to get rid of unused paint from home, contact one of the area's regional collection facilities for household hazardous waste: