May 12, 2011

Conflict of interest policy receives council approval

by Erin Rosacker

Members of the Professional and Scientific Council voted in favor of a draft policy for conflicts of interest and commitment at their May 11 meeting.

The draft policy, which will replace former consulting and conflict of interest policies, earned Faculty Senate endorsement last month. It outlines the external activities and financial interests that must be disclosed if they impact an employee's performance of duty, objectivity or appropriate use of state resources.

Council leadership

Current president-elect Ken Kerns (environmental health and safety) announced last month that he accepted a position at Tulane University, New Orleans. He said the presidential succession plan will be initiated when the gavel is passed to him at the June 2 council meeting. Kerns will resign immediately as president and offer the position to incoming president-elect Dan Burden (value-added agriculture, ISU Extension). A special election for the next president-elect will be held in August.

Three members were elected to executive committee positions including:

  • Pam Owenson (ag education and studies), vice president, university planning and budget
  • Julie Snyder-Yuly (Carrie Chapman Catt Center), vice president, university community relations
  • Christian Charbonneaux (natural resource ecology and management), secretary and treasurer