Feb. 25, 2010

AAUP chapter continues faculty discussion

by Erin Rosacker

The ISU chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) held a Feb. 22 meeting, designed to be an open forum discussion about budget-related topics, such as possible program and faculty eliminations.


Find out more about the American Association of University Professors online. A local chapter web site also is being developed.

Approximately 50 faculty members attended the meeting, held in Gilman Hall. Short presentations about ISU's budget numbers, the impact of cuts on non-tenure eligible faculty, and the possible elimination of academic programs and tenured faculty positions sparked the majority of the discussion. Faculty Senate representatives were present, and they fielded questions about proposed policy changes presented to senators this month.

Chapter president Mack Shelley said the meeting was the first in a series of sessions. Like the national AAUP, the local chapter is focused on advancing academic freedom and shared governance. He said the local chapter, which was reactivated last fall, has "direct connections" to the Faculty Senate and is working to create liaisons with other campus programs.

Although the local chapter does not have an advisory or participatory role in governance at ISU, policies and language developed by the national body commonly are used as standards at colleges and universities. AAUP membership is open to teaching and research faculty. Graduate students, administrators and other members of the public also are eligible.

For more information, contact executive committee members of the ISU chapter: