March 24, 2011

Help test Iowa State's next homepage

You can have a sneak peek and, perhaps, help tweak Iowa State University's next homepage. The new homepage will make its official public debut early this summer. However, a preview sample of the new page (and several key secondary pages) is available now at

The web development team hopes the ISU community and others who use the university website will try the new pages and offer feedback.

"We're interested not only in what people think of the new look, but in how well the homepage helps them get where they want to go," said Diana Pounds, associate director in university relations. "The homepage serves a broad audience, from current students to visitors who've never set foot on campus. It should provide a fast path to information for all of them.

"We've tested the sample homepage with various groups -- ISU students, faculty and staff, prospective students and their parents, and alumni," Pounds said. "Over the next few weeks, we hope that many others will take a look at the new page and tell us what they think."

How to comment

Comments can be posted via a feedback form.

New Website FAQ

More information on the homepage redesign is available on the New Website FAQ. The site will be updated frequently to reflect new questions and answers.