Feb. 24, 2011

Rec user fees will be phased for faculty, staff

by Erin Rosacker

In January, a letter to recreation services' nonstudent users outlined a new fee structure for 2011-12. The higher rates reflected the addition of west-side recreation facilities (a remodeled State Gym and its 92,278 square-foot addition) and rec services' transition to a self-supported enterprise unit.

Citing feedback from faculty and staff, vice president for student affairs Thomas Hill said in a follow-up letter last week that nonstudent user fees will be phased in over the next two years.

The full annual rate ($403) will be discounted for nonstudent users to $227 for 2011-12, and $325 for 2012-13. Rates for summer and semester passes also will be discounted, but those prices still are being set. Passes for the academic year will not be available during the phase-in.

Hill said university funds will be used to offset the difference. However, he said funding will not come from tuition dollars and student fees. The university will cover a gap of $176,000 and $78,000 over the next two years, respectively, if recreation services maintains its current number of nonstudent users (roughly 1,000).

Eligible nonstudent users include student spouses, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, affiliates (such as ISU Foundation and alumni association employees) and their spouses. Ames residents who do not fall into those groups are not eligible.

Mandatory student recreation fees, which are funding the $52.8 million recreation facilities renovations and addition, have been phased in over two years and will be fully implemented this summer. Full-time students will pay $403 annually. After the two-year phase-in, nonstudent users will pay the same rate as students.