Jan. 13, 2011

New mileage rate to take effect Feb. 1

The state Board of Regents and university mileage reimbursement rates are based upon the federal General Services Administration (GSA) rates that are set annually. On Jan. 1, the maximum reimbursement rate increased to 51 cents per mile for the following circumstances:

  • The round trip is less than 100 miles
  • The traveler is permanently based off campus
  • The traveler is unable to reserve a vehicle from Transportation Services
  • The traveler is not an ISU employee or student

A new change, implemented by the GSA on Jan. 1, states that the maximum reimbursement rate has decreased from 28.5 cents per mile to 19 cents per mile for the use of personal vehicles under the following circumstances:

  • The above conditions are not met
  • The round trip is greater than 100 miles
  • A traveler chooses to use his or her own vehicle rather than obtain one from Transportation Services

The university will implement the decrease Feb. 1.

If you have questions about this change, please contact Bill Cahill, 4-5124, or Kathy Dobbs, 4-6653.