Sept. 30, 2010

Legislation supports Veterans Day requests

by Diana Pounds

Iowa State employees who are veterans may ask for time away from work on Veterans Day on Thursday, Nov. 11.

Gold Star Hall pillar

Gold Star Ceremony

ISU's annual event to honor fallen Iowa Staters will be held Nov. 11 in the MU Great Hall (3:15 p.m.) World War I casualty John Woodward will be added to Gold Star Hall.

Under state legislation passed last session, employers cannot deny a veteran's request for time off on Veterans Day unless doing so would endanger public health or safety or cause significant economic or operational disruptions to the business.

Iowa State employees who take the day off will need to use a vacation day to stay in paid status. The legislation requires that veterans:

  • Request the time off at least a month in advance
  • Verify their veteran status if asked

Officials in human resource services said the legislation applies to all veterans who work at Iowa State, including student employees. An e-mail explaining the Veterans Day legislation will be sent to all faculty and staff this week. Faculty and staff are asked to forward the e-mail to student employees in their areas.

The legislation does not address student veterans and class attendance on Veterans Day. Iowa State will remain open on Nov. 11, as usual, and classes will be in session.

For more information, contact human resource services at 4-3753.