Aug. 19, 2010


Plastic ventilation tubes bring dehumidified air in to help dry the Lied Center. Photo by Bob Elbert.

After the flood: Facilities update

by Diana Pounds

Here's an update on university facilities damaged in last week's floods.

Hilton trash

Flood-damaged items from Hilton Coliseum. Photo by Bob Elbert.

Hilton Coliseum

Damage: 12-14 feet of water.

Cleanup: Water and muck have been removed. Wet sheetrock and carpeting were removed from second-floor office areas. Movable equipment and furniture in the building have been assessed for usability. Temporary lighting has been installed, and dehumidification equipment is running. Assessment of electrical systems is under way.

Status: Power remains out. Facility cannot be occupied until power is restored and safety issues are addressed. Athletics officials hope the building can be ready for the first basketball game (women's) Nov. 4.

Scheman offices

The water line is visible on the wall outside the Iowa State Center offices in the Scheman Building. Photo by Bob Elbert.

Scheman Building

Damage: 4 feet of water on ground floor.

Cleanup: Ground floor muck and wet sheetrock (up to 4 feet from the floor) have been removed. Temporary dehumidifying and air conditioning equipment is running throughout the building, with special attention to protecting art in the Brunnier Art Museum (on the second floor). Assessment of electrical and HVAC systems is under way. Movable equipment and furniture have been assessed for usability.

Status: Power remains out. The power must be restored, elevators fixed and all safety issues addressed before the facility can be occupied.

Lied Recreation Athletic Center

Damage: 2 feet of water on first floor.

Cleanup: Water has been removed and cleanup is under way. The first-floor turf and racquetball courts must be replaced. The first-floor track will be repaired for use during the spring track season, then further evaluated.

Status: Third-floor workout area (except for the track) and first- and second-floor restrooms are open. Locker rooms are closed. The climbing wall is unavailable. Lied updates are available on the recreation services website.

Veenker sandtrap

An unintended sand trap stretches across Veenker golf course. Photo by Leah Hansen.

Veenker Memorial Golf Course

Damage: 1-9 feet of water covered the course. Maintenance shed was under 8 feet of water.

Cleanup: Muck and debris have been removed from fairways and bunkers.

Status: Driving range and practice facilities are open. A playable nine-hole course is expected to open by Friday, Aug. 20.

University Community Childcare

Damage: 4-6 inches of water on the first floor.

Cleanup: Water, carpeting and wet sheetrock have been removed. Drying operations are under way. Reconstruction may start this week.

Status: UCC is closed through Aug. 20. The center will reopen Monday, Aug. 23, in a temporary location at Collegiate United Methodist Church, 2622 Lincoln Way. Officials estimate the UCC facility will be ready for reoccupation in several weeks.

General Services Building

Damage: 18 inches of water on the first floor.

Cleanup: Flood-damaged items were removed and the facility was power-washed.

Status: Cleanup is complete.

Ann Campbell Transit Facility

Damage: Inundated by flood waters.

Cleanup: Water and wet materials have been removed and power restored.

Status: Some minor reconstruction will be required in the facility. Restrooms are not available.

Jack Trice Stadium

Damage: Some water on the field.

Cleanup: Water cleared with pumps. No remediation required.

Status: Open.

Iowa State Center parking lots

Damage: Water and broken asphalt.

Cleanup: Cleanup completed; some asphalt repairs required.

Status: Commuter lots are open. Officials hope to repair asphalt on other lots prior to the first football game (Sept. 2).

ISU Soccer Complex

Damage: Water and muck.

Cleanup: Crews are cleaning up debris in the area.

Status: Grass areas should rebound quickly and be available for the Sept. 17 home game.The pressbox needs to be evaluated.

Southeast intramural fields

Damage: Water and muck.

Cleanup: Crews have begun removing muck and debris.

Status: Grass areas in the fields should rebound quickly. The sand volleyball courts north of the fields will not be open for some time.

Maple-Willow-Larch field

Damage: Water and muck.

Cleanup: No work required.

Status: Grass areas should rebound quickly.

Disc golf course

Damage: Minimal damage.

Cleanup: Debris must be removed.

Status: Closed, at present.

University Village

Damage: Flooding in 27 apartments housing 47 students.

Cleanup: Crews removed water and are in the process of cleaning and sanitizing.

Status: Construction work to be completed includes: removal and replacement of flooring, the lower 30 inches of drywall, kitchen cabinets, first floor doors, appliances, furnaces and air conditioning. Students have been or will be relocated until apartments are ready, no later than Oct. 1.

Jacobson/Olsen Building

Damage: Some water in the ticket office area.

Cleanup: Cleared with shop vacs.

Status: Open.

Alumni Center

Damage: No water damage, but electrical service was out due to flood waters. Power was restored to the building at 4 p.m. Wed. Aug. 11.

Status: Open.