April 29, 2010

Budget cuts impact NTE faculty salaries

by Erin Rosacker

Facing reduced state appropriations and a mid-year budget reversion, it is no surprise that ISU's non-tenure eligible (NTE) faculty saw no annual salary increase in 2009-10. In fact, in its annual report on NTE faculty salaries, the Faculty Senate's compensation committee found that some average salary numbers decreased.

There are 230 full-time NTE faculty positions at Iowa State, which includes senior lecturers, lecturers, senior clinicians, clinicians and adjunct appointments. Data on adjunct salaries was not included in the report (PDF).

Clinicians saw either an increase or no change to their average salary in the four colleges that employ the position. Reductions in salary averages for other NTE appointments include:

  • Lecturers in five colleges (excluding Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering)
  • Senior lecturers in Business, Design and Human Sciences
  • All senior clinicians (exclusive to Human Sciences and Vet Med)

The report indicated that the highest paid NTE faculty positions are in Vet Med and Engineering ($67,326-$75,138). Lecturers ($31,000) and senior lecturers ($34,000) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' humanities are at the bottom of the list. Their average salaries also were significantly lower than comparable positions at the universities of Iowa and Northern Iowa, and the average salaries of secretaries within the ISU humanities departments.