Dec. 10, 2009

Council opposes parking increases

by Erin Rosacker

The Professional and Scientific Council fast-tracked a motion about proposed FY11 parking permit increases at its Dec. 3 meeting. Citing lost wages through furloughs and benefits cuts, the motion asking administrators to keep parking permit fees at current levels was approved (27-8-2).

Randy Larabee, the P&S representative on the transportation advisory council, said the group will make its preliminary recommendation to administrators this week. Revenues are used for parking lot maintenance, subsidized CyRide discounts, the fare-free CyRide orange route and bike parking, for example.

"The committee is looking at either no increase, or a 3 to 4 percent increase," Larabee said. "I don't think we're going any higher than that."

He said approximately $10,000 in revenue would be raised with each 1 percent increase. A 4 percent general staff parking permit increase would cost employees approximately $3 more. Other proposals that would add new revenue include elimination of free departmental permits and requiring permits for all state vehicles.

"The logic behind that is they're all using the parking lots, they're all abusing the parking lots and they all should be paying for the parking lots and whatever it takes to maintain them," Larabee said.

Other business

P&S Council members will consider two motions for a vote in January, including:

  • A resolution in support of the continuation of P&S performance management training for supervisors and managers
  • A resolution to archive completed performance appraisals in the human resource services office