Oct. 21, 2010

Council hears more about FY11 cuts

by Erin Rosacker

At their Oct. 7 meeting, Professional and Scientific Council members received a requested update on FY11 position cuts that have or will result in eliminations or reduced full-time equivalent (FTE) hours.

"It's always important to note that there is a difference between positions and people," said Brenda Behling, assistant to the executive vice president and provost.

She reported that 43 P&S positions were cut and five more had FTE reductions. For merit staff, 45 positions were eliminated and two spots had FTE reductions. In terms of people, there were 27 P&S employees and 32 merit staff members whose positions were affected.

Kristi Darr, associate director of human resource services, said the number of affected P&S and merit employees will continue to change until the close of the fiscal year (June 30, 2011). The merit layoff plan -- approved last month by Gov. Chet Culver -- is being implemented now.

Early retirements (six P&S and eight merit) account for some of the position eliminations that did not affect individuals, along with employees who found other positions -- on or off campus -- and positions that were restored by alternate funding sources. Vacant positions were not considered in the tally.

Behling said administrators encouraged units to consider internal searches for open P&S positions, which helped 10 displaced P&S staff move into other campus positions. Another four P&S employees were able to find jobs elsewhere after given their notices.