Oct. 14, 2010

Council pushes through salary recommendations

by Erin Rosacker

Professional and Scientific Council members unanimously approved a set of salary policy recommendations introduced at their Oct. 7 meeting.

Citing an Oct. 22 deadline to submit FY12 salary recommendations to university administrators, compensation and benefits committee chair Virgil Schmitt urged council members to suspend the rules and approve the motion at Thursday's meeting.

"Basically, what we're looking at is a two-step process," Schmitt said. "Nobody knows what the [budget] numbers are going to be. The attempt is to develop a framework that the numbers can be plugged into later, once those numbers are known."

The three salary policy recommendations include:

  • Making supervisors more accountable for conducting performance appraisals
  • Awarding a predetermined minimum salary increment to employees with at least satisfactory performance appraisals
  • Awarding increases above the minimum based on exceptional performance, market and equity factors

"This is a very workable policy, given all of the uncertainties we're dealing with," said executive vice president and provost Elizabeth Hoffman. "We're working hard to get information on who has and has not had a performance evaluation. We're working on a better system to try to track it."