Sept. 23, 2010

Iowa State makes the lists in two recent rankings

by John McCarroll

More than 300 employers were scheduled to take part in career fairs this week at Iowa State, and a recent report by the Wall Street Journal says there's a reason for the high level of interest.

WSJ recruiters' ranking

Iowa State is identified as one of the top 45 colleges and universities across the country in providing well-prepared graduates, according to a WSJ survey of nearly 500 recruiters for the largest companies, non-profit organizations and federal agencies.

In rankings by major, the College of Engineering is No. 14, nationally.

The newspaper provided the recruiters a list of 100 colleges and universities, including Iowa State, and asked them to identify the schools "whose bachelor degree graduates were the best-trained and educated, and best able to succeed once hired."

Based on the recruiters' responses, the WSJ ranked the top 26 colleges and universities and identified 19 additional schools, including Iowa State, that had high scores.

U.K. weekly's world rankings

Iowa State also is among the top 200 universities in the world, according to rankings released by The Times Higher Education, a weekly publication based in the United Kingdom. In its 2010-11 World University Rankings, the magazine ranks Iowa State 156th.

Times Higher Education bases the rankings on 13 performance indicators, reflecting all three of the core missions of a university: teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The magazine says it previously relied more heavily on reputation in ranking universities worldwide.