July 15, 2010


An 'elemental' piece of chemistry

University Museums is installing a new public work of art by Seattle-based artist Norie Sato (pictured) in Hach Hall, the new chemistry building. Sato's piece is a large-scale environmental sculpture, titled "elemental." It's made from glass, aluminum and LED lights in multiple panels.

"Elemental" can be viewed from inside or outside the northwest area of Hach Hall, where it transitions from the interior lobby to the building's west entrance exterior. The pattern, structure and materials are inspired from elements and molecular models.

The sculpture was funded through the Iowa Art in State Buildings Project, which designates one-half of one percent of the cost of construction projects to works of public art. The piece joins University Museums' art on campus collection, one of the largest public art programs in the nation. Photo by Bob Elbert.