July 15, 2010

Iowa State's external funding hits record $388.2 million in fiscal year 2010

by Mike Krapfl

Iowa State attracted a record $388.2 million in grants, contracts, gifts and cooperative agreements during fiscal year 2010, an increase of $83 million and 27 percent over last year's record.

This funding is in addition to the fiscal year 2010 state appropriation of $231 million for the university's day-to-day operations. Of the $388.2 million in external funding, $21.1 million was the result of competitive awards from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Iowa State's previous record for external funding was $305.2 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2009.

"A second straight record in external support is truly an indication of the great work of Iowa State University's faculty, staff and students," said president Gregory Geoffroy. "This demonstrates that Iowa State has outstanding people who can successfully compete for the funds that support world-class research and scholarship. This success also demonstrates the exceptional capabilities of Iowa State for the transformational research and creativity that is required to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

What it supports

The external funding supports research across campus as well as educational projects, student financial aid, buildings, equipment and extension activities. It comes directly to Iowa State from federal, state and local government sources as well as from corporations, foundations and other universities.

Iowa State's largest single source of external funding is the U.S. Department of Energy. Iowa State attracted $59.3 million from the energy department this past fiscal year. The second highest source was the U.S. Department of Agriculture at $51.9 million. The third highest was the National Science Foundation at $46.8 million.

Of the $388.2 million total, $239.2 million was directed to research projects based on proposals submitted by Iowa State faculty and scientific staff.

"The significant increase in external funding this year is reflective of quality faculty, staff and students, and the competitiveness of their programs," said Sharron Quisenberry, vice president for research and economic development. "The research enterprise is extremely important to the university's future success, and faculty, staff and students are key to our ability to grow research programs that are competitive for extramural funding."


Iowa State's external funding came from the following sources during the fiscal year that ended June 30:

Energy $59,267,985
Agriculture $ 51,883,266
National Science Foundation $46,797,648
Education $28,662,828
Health and Human Services $20,533,625
Defense $10,945,023
Transportation $7,986,419
Commerce $3,122,887
NASA $1,529,047
Interior $388,796
Environmental Protection Agency $245,462
Other $5,631,671
Total Federal $236,994,657
ISU Foundation $42,471,075
Businesses/Corporations/Commodities $38,681,411
State, County and City Government $35,139,824
Universities and Colleges $17,757,528
External Foundations and Associations $13,428,710
Individuals $120,800
Other $3,593,586
Total Non-Federal $151,192,934
Grand Total $388,187,591