June 10, 2010

Parking permit designed for occasional drivers to campus

by Anne Krapfl

ISU's parking division has a new permit designed for faculty, staff and retirees who drive to campus occasionally. One day "scratch" permits cost $2 each, and up to 10 permits may be purchased at a time, allowing drivers to keep a small supply in their vehicles to use as needed. They are valid in any general staff lot on campus.

"We hope this will eliminate the need for employees or retirees to stop at the Armory each time they drive their car to campus," said parking manager Mark Miller.

He said the scratch permit was developed in response to inquiries from employees who want to be more supportive of the Live Green initiative and from those who primarily walk or bike to work but still need to drive once in a while.

A scratch permits hangs on a rear view mirror like other ISU parking permits. It works sort of like a lottery ticket in that the user scratches that day's date, month and year; the scratched area reveals a second color. The permit is valid only on the day it is scratched.

The permits will be available on Monday, June 14. At least initially, Miller said drivers need to purchase them at the parking division office in the southwest corner of the Armory. An online purchase option could be added in the future.