May 13, 2010


A dumpster isn't enough anymore

The residence department makes a huge effort this time of year to prevent many items discarded by students at move-out time from hitting the trash pile. Not that there isn't a lot of trash -- collected around residence sites over the last week in oversized red roll-off dumpsters (above). In addition, nonperishable food items were collected near hall front desks and will be taken to the MICA and Bethesda Community food pantries. Unwanted clothes and working small appliances, also collected in each hall or building -- but already having survived an internal swap process -- will be taken to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Nonworking appliances of any kind will be recycled in Missouri; this is being accomplished with assistance from students in the Engineering Policy and Leadership Institute and the ISU Live Green initiative. And while there's always lots and lots of discarded wood, residence director Pete Englin said none of it actually had to be hauled away this year. Recyclers from campus and Ames took care of that for them.

The collection period was April 22 through May 12. It's all part of the residence department's ongoing SAVE (Simple Act, Vital Effect) program. Photos by Bob Elbert.

Moving out