Jan. 28, 2010

Paycheck reminder

The temporary layoff/furlough days, implemented by the university Dec. 1 to help offset a state-mandated 10 percent budget reduction, will be reflected in employee paychecks beginning Jan. 29. All professional and scientific staff employees' and A-base faculty members' paychecks will be impacted through June 30. The loss of income will be distributed evenly over six months. B-base faculty paycheck reductions continue through May 15 (if faculty have elected the 12-month pay option, or if summer salary is paid, reductions will continue through June).

Supervisory/confidential and merit staff's paychecks will reflect unpaid time off when it's taken.

All furlough and mandatory unpaid days must be taken by June 30.

Contact your supervisor with questions about your paycheck reduction.