Sept. 3, 2009

Students, employees urged to create emergency contact list

by Diana Pounds

If you were seriously injured, ill or missing, who would you want to be notified?

A new addition to AccessPlus allows students, faculty and staff to designate several emergency contacts in order of preference. In an emergency, officials would start at the top of an individual's contact list and keep trying until reaching one of the contacts.

How to designate your emergency contacts

  • Sign onto AccessPlus
  • Click "emergency contact" in the left column
  • Provide information on up to five contacts

"We hope everyone will take a few moments to sign into AccessPlus and designate their emergency contacts," said registrar Kathleen Jones. "This will help ensure that the right people get called promptly in emergencies."

Each individual can name up to five contacts.

Jones said emergency contact information is confidential and will only be available to emergency response staff such as ISU police or the dean of students. It will not be available for campus departments to use as contact information.

Employees can get more information about emergency contacts from Vicki Brubaker, associate director of human resource services, Students should direct questions to the office of the registrar,