June 6, 2011

Changes to TIAA-CREF investment options take effect July 8

Iowa State and U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory employees enrolled in the university's retirement plan through TIAA-CREF have been receiving communications from both ISU human resource services and TIAA-CREF related to upcoming changes to retirement plan investment options.

The University Benefits Committee meets every year with all benefit providers and has provided employee feedback and recommendations to TIAA-CREF on ways to improve the retirement plan offerings. The outcome of past reviews and recommendations are changes to TIAA-CREF investment choices that will better meet long-term financial growth goals. Participants also will be able to select additional recognized mutual fund investment options in all asset categories.

Changes to the TIAA-CREF investment options take effect July 8. Participants should expect to receive additional communications, from both TIAA-CREF and HRS, as changes are implemented.