Jan. 6

Caught on campus

With a nice locale, warm coat and plenty of snacks squirreled about, this Iowa Stater strikes a confident pose near the Memorial Union.

Jan. 6

Mark your calendar for intriguing campus lectures this spring

The linguist who created the alien language in Avatar, the CEO who markets Fat Tire beer, and a pair of insiders from past Israel-Palestine peace talks are among those who will give public lectures on campus this spring.

Hort greenhouse

Horticulture greenhouse

Jan. 6

Progress at the greenhouses

The horticulture department's new greenhouses have been enclosed and workers now are erecting the interior wall structure and glass panels. The project is scheduled for completion in May.

Jan. 6

2011 will bring speedier wireless to campus

Wireless spots on campus will become faster and more plentiful as information technology staff begin adding 100 new access points . The project results from a proposal submitted to the Computation Advisory Committee, the group that oversees spending of student technology fees.

Jan. 6

Report: Climate change is impacting Iowa, Iowans

Researchers at Iowa's three regent institutions were asked to study the effects of climate change on Iowa. The collaborative study found more rain, higher temperatures and longer growing seasons -- good for crops and agricultural pests.