Dec. 17, 2009

Parking lots near State Gym are closing soon

Two parking lots near State Gym will become a construction site sometime over the next few weeks. The lots will be closed during the State Gym remodeling and new building construction.

Lot 1, a general staff parking lot with 125 stalls, and Lot 59A, a student lot with 215 stalls, may be closed as early as the week of Dec. 21, said parking manager Mark Miller. The two lots are adjacent to each other, just west of Eaton and Martin halls.

Miller advises faculty and staff who've been using Lot 1 to check the facilities planning and management parking map to find all the locations of general staff parking. When students return from break they will need to park in the lots designated by their permits.

General staff parking in lots 12 (west of Communications Building), 28, and 29 (north of Molecular Biology) may be the best alternatives. There is some limited availability for reserved parking in lots 11, 50A, 57, and the upper level of the East Campus Parking Deck.

The State Gym addition will permanently cover much of the two parking lots; however, some of the stalls in the southern portion of the lots will be recovered when the State Gym project is completed.