June 16

Where's Bob?

Do you know where university photographer Bob Elbert spotted these informative windows?

semitrailer storage

Summer storage

June 16

Sign of summer

The residence department takes advantage of lower occupancies in the summer to spruce up hall rooms and apartments. Workers are finishing up a refurbishing cycle in north Frederiksen Court this year.

June 16

Try a free eBook from University Book Store

The University Book Store in the MU is participating in a pilot program to test-drive a digital content platform that provides electronic books (eBooks) commonly used in college classrooms -- at no cost to customers.

June 16

Volkswalkers will trek to campus next week

An anticipated 700 volkswalkers from around the country will hike Iowa State Thursday, June 23. The walkers are in Iowa for the national convention of the American Volkssport Association, a group that promotes noncompetitive walking tours.