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October 10, 2003


Alumni Awards
Iowa State University Alumni Association

Alumni Medal
Established in 1948 to recognize ISU alumni for long, loyal, and outstanding service to the university through alumni-related activities

Glen A. Mente
BS 1961, Animal Science
MS 1963, Animal Nutrition
Retired Senior Vice President, Kent Feeds
Ames, Iowa

Impact Award
Established in 2002 by the ISUAA Board of Directors to recognize an individual, business, organization, or unit for achievements that expand the scope and reach of; increase the involvement of alumni, students, and/or friends in the life and work of; create positive publicity and recognition for; and bring honor to ISU during the prior year

Roy Reiman
BS 1957, Agricultural Journalism
Retired CEO, Reiman Publications
Bobbi Reiman
Greendale, Wisconsin

E. Douglas Brown
WOI Radio Announcer
Ames, Iowa

Alumni Merit Award
Established in 1932 by the Alumni Association's ISU Club of Chicago to recognize ISU alumni for outstanding contributions to human welfare that transcend purely professional accomplishments and bring honor to the university.

Thomas M. Sutherland
MS 1956, PhD 1958, Animal Breeding and Genetics
Retired Dean of Agriculture, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Fort Collins, Colorado

Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award
Established in 1968 to recognize ISU alumni under the age of 40 whose achievements in career, public service, and volunteer activities are worthy of recognition and have brought honor to the university

Douglas H. Bennett
MA 2001, English-Creative Writing; MS 2001, Interdisciplinary Grad. Studies
Program Officer, National Research Council
Charleston, South Carolina

Carla Koehler
BS 1986, MS 1989, PhD 1995, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA
Los Angeles, California

Kent A. Lucken
BA 1986, Political Science
Vice President, The Citigroup Private Bank
Newton, Massachusetts

James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award
Established in 1999 to recognize recent ISU graduates who demonstrate loyal and outstanding volunteer service to the Alumni Association through early membership in the organization and involvement in alumni-related activities

Kari L. Roehr
BS 1997, Chemical Engineering; BS 1997, Food Science
Senior Engineer, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Carol Stream, Illinois


Floyd Andre Award

James J. Penney
BS 1968, Farm Operation; MS 1979, Agronomy
General Manager, Heart of Iowa Cooperative
Ames, Iowa

Henry A. Wallace Award

Wesley F. Buchele
PhD 1954, Agricultural Engineering and Soil Physics
Emeritus Professor
Ames, Iowa


Citation Of Achievement

David K. Ecklund
BS 1972, Industrial Administration
Vice President, Client Services Division, Caterpillar
Peoria, Illinois

Denise I. Essman
BS 1973, Industrial Administration
President and CEO, Essman Companies
Des Moines, Iowa

James F. Frein
BS 1967, Industrial Administration
Retired President, Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co, Chicago
Vail, Colorado

John D. DeVries Service Award

Richard A. Pecaut
BS 1952, Industrial Administration
Chairman of the Board, Pecaut and Company, Sioux City, Iowa
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota


Design Achievement Award

Spencer E. Crews
BS 1980, Landscape Architecture
Executive Director, Lauritzen Gardens
Omaha, Nebraska

Larry D. Hulse
BS 1977, Urban Planning
Deputy Community Development Director, City of Des Moines
Des Moines, Iowa

Melanie Parks
BA 1981, Craft Design
Executive Director, Elements Ltd.
Des Moines, Iowa

Bryce D. Pearsall
BAR 1971, Architecture
Managing Principal, DLG Group
Phoenix, Arizona


Alumni Achievement Award
William J. Grace
PhD 1990, Professional Studies in Education
Founder and Executive Director, Center for Ethical Leadership
Bellevue, Washington

Neal Grandgenet
PhD 1989, Professional Studies in Education
Prof. of Mathematics Education, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska

Virgil S. Lagomarcino Laureate Award

Linda Kuk
PhD 1981, Adult-Higher Education Administration
Vice President for Student Affairs, Colorado State University
Loveland, Colorado

Retia Scott Walker
PhD 1982, Education Administration
Vice President for Academic Outreach and Public Service, University of Kentucky, Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky

Outstanding Young Professional Award

Jocelyn S. Chong
MS 1997, Professional Studies in Education
Director of Student Life, Woodbury University
Glendale, California


Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering

Hamid Elahi
BS 1977, MS 1979, PhD 1983, Electrical Engineering
General Manager, Power Systems Energy Consulting
Schenectady, New York

Donald F. Greenwood
BS 1976, Civil Engineering
President, Construction Group
Kansas City, Missouri

Peter C. Hemken
BS with Distinction 1977, Chemical Engineering
CEO, DuPont-Sabanci International, LLC
Wilmington, Delaware

Leonard C. Rodman
BS 1971, Civil Engineering
Chair, President, and CEO, Black & Veatch Holding Company
Overland Park, Kansas

Francis B. Francois
BS 1956, General Engineering
Private practice
Bowie, Maryland


Professional Achievement Award in FCS

Carol Marlow McGarvey
BS 1967, Home Economics Journalism
Freelance Writer/Editor
Des Moines, Iowa

Helen LeBaron Hilton Recognition

Joan Fitzpatrick Moore
BS 1946, Home Economics Education
Retired Teacher, Alden Community Schools
Alden, Iowa

Mildred Rosdail Ozinga
BS 1948, Child Development
Retired Teacher
Ames, Iowa


Citation of Merit

Marvin Caruthers
BS 1962, Chemistry
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Boulder, Colorado

Martha E. Vincent-Ridge
BS 1975, Biology
Vice President, AMGEN Inc.
Westlake Village, California

Distinguished Service Award

Hach Scientific Foundation
Bruce Hach, managing director
Loveland, Colorado


Stange Award For Meritorious Service

Richard A. Carmichael
DVM 1955
President, Maplehurst Genetics
Keota, Iowa

Kelley J. Donham
DVM 1971
Professor, University of Iowa, College of Public Health, Department of Occupational & Environmental Health
Iowa City, Iowa

Robert D. Glock
DVM 1961
Director, Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Memorial Union Service Medallion

MaryJo Mertens
Retired Director, ISU Memorial Union
Wever, Iowa

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