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September 12, 2003

Inside: "As a new ISU hire, share your favorite aspects of the university so far."

Daniela Dimitrova, assistant professor, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
"I am very impressed with the computers and technology, as well as the library resources. My favorite part of the job is the wonderful support from the staff and colleagues in my department."

Igor Marjanovic, assistant professor, art and design and architecture
"My favorite thing about Iowa State so far is the campus -- its community, landscape and buildings."

Michele Roberts, director, women's basketball operations
"I have been impressed with not only the city of Ames, but also the people at Iowa State. The people I have worked with and talked to have been more than helpful."

Tom Shih, professor and chair, aerospace engineering
"I love my building -- Howe Hall. It's a beautiful campus. And I love the campanile. It's very elegant, and shows a lot of tradition."

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