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July 25, 2003

New faculty positions

Following are the areas approved for new faculty hires:
  • Dairy cattle quantitative and molecular genetics. This position in the animal science department (Agriculture college) will support the Center for Integrated Animal Genomics and the proposed new dairy facility.

  • Genetics, development and cell biology. This position (colleges of Agriculture and Liberal Arts and Sciences) will support strong programs in genomics, bioinformatics, metabolic networking and gene regulation, and such centers as the Center for Designer Crops and the Center for Plant Responses to Environmental Stresses.

  • Management information systems. This position, in the logistics, operations and management information systems department (Business college), will expand the capacity of the faculty for course development and research productivity to create a broader range of elective and experimental courses. It also supports the academic initiative to strengthen information technology research.

  • Community design/extension. This position will serve the departments of community and regional planning and landscape architecture (Design college). The position will augment and link the curricula of the departments, with a special emphasis on coordinating student-oriented outreach through interdisciplinary studios. The focus will be community design, which directly links it to the ISU Extension system.

  • Software engineering. This position, in the department of electrical and computer engineering (Engineering college), will support high student demand for courses in the area of software engineering. It also will support the academic initiative to strengthen information technology research.

  • Analytical/bioanalytical chemistry. This position, in the Liberal Arts and Sciences college, will enhance a chemistry department that's ranked among the top five nationally. With an emphasis in biological systems, the position will support several academic initiatives, including the combinatorial discovery and bioeconomy initiatives, and the mission and research goals of the Ames Laboratory. It will expand the curricular range and diversity, particularly for graduate students.
  • Human computer interaction. This position will support an interdisciplinary initiative in an emerging field that studies the relationship between people and computers. It will build on Iowa State's nationally known Virtual Reality Applications Center.

  • Bioeconomy. This position supports the interdisciplinary initiative to find new ways to use plants and agricultural crops to produce chemicals, fuels and materials. The position strengthens the area of microbial metabolism for biorenewable resource development, important to the Iowa economy.

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