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June 13, 2003

Task force will study security of campus data, networks

President Gregory Geoffroy has appointed an information technology security task force. The group's assignment is to improve the security of the university's information technology -- the computing systems that perform instructional, research, communication and daily business functions at Iowa State -- by evaluating current policies and making recommendations for changes. The task force will seek feedback on proposed changes from the university community, including Faculty Senate, P&S Council, Government of the Student Body and other constituencies affected by the policies.

Geoffroy said he created the task force to reduce the risk of potential damage to people, programs and the university's reputation caused by unauthorized access to data, disruption of service and other negative factors. Iowa State's increased attention to information security also is driven by state and federal Homeland Security standards.

The task force is co-chaired by Dorothy Lewis, director of Academic Information Technologies (AIT) through this month, and Maury Hope, director of Administrative Information Systems (ADP). Other members are Peter Englin, dean of students; Doug Jacobson, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Kathy Jones, registrar; John Kingland, director of Telecommunications; and Ellen Rasmussen, assistant provost.

Phase I of the task force's responsibility is to evaluate and recommend policies related to the security of central information technology services (those administered by ADP, AIT and Telecommunications), and where necessary, the extension of these policies to the colleges and departments. Phase 2 will include the review and development of security policies applicable to systems and data throughout campus.

Two Web sites are being developed to keep the university community informed on policies and education. Policy information will be available at Information on security education and awareness will be available at

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