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May 2, 2003

"If you were giving the commencement address next weekend, what one piece of advice would you give graduating seniors?"

Debra Atkinson, lecturer, health and human performance, and life coach
"Start right away being the who you will be when you are successful. Truly define exactly what success is for you. You still will be learning throughout your life, and you aren't expected to know it all right away -- if ever -- but you can be confident and self-assured even as a 'rookie.' Remember, though, that if you aren't making mistakes, you may not be taking any risks."
Debra Atkinson

Mark Oleson Mark Oleson, assistant professor, human development and family studies, and director, ISU Financial Counseling Clinic
"Consolidate your student loans. The rate (3.5 percent) is the lowest it's ever been, and it may go even lower July 1. Consolidate with an agency that charges no fees and offers benefits. Locking in at rates of 2.5 percent or less isn't too shabby a way to leave ISU."

Charles Richards, assistant professor, art and design, and author/illustrator, children's books
"Realize your ambitions by finding a person who has achieved what you hope to accomplish. Find out what that person did -- educationally, professionally and personally -- that prepared him or her for this achievement, and then follow that example."
Charles Richards

Suzanne Zilber Suzanne Zilber, staff psychologist, Student Counseling Service
"Build your self-confidence by taking credit for your successes, know that mature and strong people ask for help when they are struggling, and learn to value yourself while accepting your limitations. Value your colleagues and friends while accepting their limitations. Offer honesty tempered with compassion in all your relationships. And be generous."

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