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April 18, 2003

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Q: Why is the Beach Avenue entrance to Reiman Gardens closed?

A: Garden officials opted for the closing after two years of studying other options. Their concern is for the safety of visitors and employees as they cross from the gardens to the parking lot and maintenance building. The access "road" to the Reiman Gardens parking lot technically isn't a road, but a driveway, so traffic signs aren't a legal option. The problem is that many drivers use the parking lot and driveway as a shortcut between Beach Avenue and Elwood Drive.

The blind curve at the Beach Avenue end of the parking lot, in combination with employees in slow-moving work vehicles and garden visitors with strollers, wheelchairs or young children who run ahead, also creates a dangerous situation. There have been several near accidents between vehicles and pedestrians in the last year and at least a half dozen vehicles have struck the fence or maintenance building.

Closing the west access to the parking lot is intended to eliminate the "cutting through" traffic, slow vehicle speeds and improve safety for visitors and employees. Garden officials plan to open the Beach Avenue access on Cyclone home football Saturdays in the fall.

Source: Teresa McLaughlin, Reiman Gardens director

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