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February 6, 2003

New parking lot slated for northwest campus

by Anne Krapfl
Construction will begin later this spring on a 128-stall parking lot west of the Communications Building in the northwest corner of campus. The lot is intended to roughly replace the space lost north of the building to the new Carver Co-Laboratory. It is slated for general staff parking.

The new lot 12 will cut out a piece of what is known as the "outdoor classroom," used for golf and civil engineering instruction. However, the west and north parts of that green space, including two putting greens, will remain. Lot 12 received approval from the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, as part of the Carver Co-Lab project. Funding for the lot, $250,000, is included in the co-lab budget.

Although staff will use the new lot, parking division manager Doug Houghton said students would benefit as well. He said staff use of the new lot will free up more stalls for students in the combination staff/student lots north of the Communications and Molecular Biology buildings.

There will be no driveway to lot 12 off of Pammel Drive. Access to it will be from lot 29 on the north side of the Communications Building.

Houghton noted that long-term campus plans call for Bissell Road to extend north across Pammel Drive and turn east on the north side of the new Carver Co-Lab. He said the new lot 12 will be constructed between the Communications Building and the area where the Bissell Road extension some day will go in.

Construction of lot 12 is expected to begin in late April or early May and wrap up by Aug. 1.

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