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February 14, 2003

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Q: I noticed that yard of what appeared to be old stored "stuff" east of Printing Services has been removed and crews now are breaking up several concrete slabs. What's the plan for that location?

A: That's the site for Iowa State's satellite chilled water plant (the main one is located east of the power plant). Construction on the $13 million facility is scheduled to begin in late spring or early summer, with the plant operational in June 2004. The location was selected to support planned development in the north part of campus. According to planning documents, the building normally will be unoccupied. Its chillers will be monitored remotely and operated by control systems in the power plant.

Facilities Planning and Management's outdoor storage area has been moved to the west side of the Southwest Athletic Complex. A decision hasn't been made yet on the firewood/pallet reclamation site.

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