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December 14, 2001

Beware of "toner phoners"

Some departments report they have been contacted by telemarketers selling laser toner and ink-jet cartridges at a "great price." Often departments are pressured into buying several cartridges and the price turns out to be much more than it should. ISU purchasing officials recommend that departments purchase printer supplies from Central Stores or the University Book Store.

If you must deal with outside companies, make sure they are reputable. Don't sign for shipments from unfamiliar companies or companies from which no known orders have been placed. (Suspicious packages should be reported to the department of public safety, 4-4428.)

Sometimes these calls are used to gather information for equipment or identity theft. If you're contacted by a telemarketer:
  • Don't give out personal information (such as date of birth, Social Security number, e-mail address or home phone number).
  • Ask for the phone number, first and last name of the caller and the company name (most will be reluctant to provide this information or it will not be accurate).
  • Don't give out quantities or model numbers of equipment. If you need help dealing with these calls, forward them to Norm Hill, Central Stores, 4-5752, or Terry Lewis, Purchasing, 4-8621.

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