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September 14, 2001

Enrollment sets another record

by Steve Sullivan
For the second consecutive year, Iowa State's enrollment is the highest in its history.

Iowa State enrolled 27,823 students in fall 2001, an increase of 978 over the fall 2000 enrollment of 26,845. The fall 2000 enrollment had been the highest in the university's history.

Fall enrollment includes 23,460 undergraduate students, which is 979 more than last year. Graduate enrollment is 4,363, which is one fewer student than fall 2000. Fall 2001 enrollment includes 4,654 freshmen, the highest freshman enrollment in the university's history.

Freshman minority enrollment is 410, also highest in the university history. Freshman minority students make up 8.8 percent of the total freshman class.

Minority enrollment for fall 2001 is 1,943, up from 1,781 in fall 2000. Minority students make up approximately 7 percent of Iowa State's total fall enrollment. The university enrolled a record number of Asian students, the second highest number of Hispanic students on record, and the largest number of African American students since 1993.

Iowa State also enrolled a record number of National Achievement Scholars (15) and the second largest number of National Hispanic Scholars (11).

In response to the influx of students and budget cuts, Iowa State has allocated $1 million to add additional sections of first-year classes where needed. The primary areas affected are English, mathematics, psychology, foreign language and philosophy.

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