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July 20, 2001

Iowa State Web, other Internet services down July 29

by Diana Pounds
Many Internet and network services at Iowa State will be unavailable for several hours Sunday, July 29. The service outage will begin at 8 a.m., when staff begin upgrading AFS, one of the university network file systems.

During the upgrade, Web surfers will not be able to access numerous Iowa State Web sites, including many of those with and in their addresses. In addition, ISU faculty, staff and students won't be able to use WebMail or access various Acropolis services (services you access with your ISU Net-ID).

The Web sites and other network services should be back in service by 4 p.m. Sunday and much earlier, if the upgrade work goes smoothly, said Bill Frazier, assistant director in Academic Information Technologies.

"We realize this is a big inconvenience for the campus community and others," Frazier said. "We've scheduled the work during the time of year when use of the ISU network is lightest. We'll move as quickly as possible to get the system back up."

The upgrade will help ensure that the Iowa State network services continue to run smoothly, he said.

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