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June 29, 2001

New online energy FAQ offers advice on when to flip the switch

Will I save electricity (or waste it) by flipping the fluorescent lights off every time I leave my office? Should I feel guilty about running a small fan or refrigerator?

These are some of the questions facilities staff are hearing as the campus community joins the effort to help trim the university budget by saving energy.

Facilities new energy-saving Web site provides tips on saving energy in the office and more information on the plan to save $1.5 million in energy costs during FY02. The site is at

Short answers to the questions posed above are: Turn off the lights if youll be gone more than 15 minutes. Guilt is a personal thing, but running a 20-inch fan during the daytime for four months costs about $12. A small dorm-type refrigerator (3 cubic foot) costs $7 annually and a large (24 cubic foot) refrigerator costs $150.

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