Sticks art install at Horticulture Building

Nov. 10

This public art is a public process

Artists from Des Moines-based Sticks Inc. have been tag-teaming since mid-September on a four-wall mural in Horticulture Hall's south foyer. The area remains open as the team works; look for the project to wrap up later this month.

and Kathy Geoffroy

Gregory and Kathy Geoffroy

Nov. 10

Hold the date: Geoffroy reception is Dec. 8

President Gregory Geoffroy and Kathy Geoffroy will be the guests of honor at a Dec. 8 university reception.

Nov. 11

Senate approves new professorship

A new faculty career achievement designation was approved at the Nov. 8 Faculty Senate meeting. Morrill Professorships will be awarded to faculty who excel at teaching and learning.

Nov. 11

A 5-second test for website accessibility

An evaluation website lets you know in just a few seconds how accessible your web pages are to readers with visual or hearing disabilities, readers unable to use a mouse, students with learning disabilities, web surfers on slow networks or those using mobile devices, among others.

Nov. 11

Council looking at research misconduct policy

A resolution in favor of a draft research misconduct policy was introduced at the Nov. 3 Professional and Scientific Council meeting. Council members will vote on the measure in December.