Lancelot & Elaine

Dec. 17

A good water day

Lancelot and Elaine wait out the cold on a patch of open water on Lake LaVerne earlier this week.

Dec. 17

Team assignments made for cross-unit reviews

As part of the process to build an FY11 university budget, five small teams of faculty and staff will use the next 10 weeks to review functions or programs that cross administrative or academic units.

Dec. 17

Be prepared for the extended winter break

A partial university-wide shut down over winter break means employees should take extra measures to prepare for their absence.

Dec. 17

Butterflies and basketball among the few winter break options

Due to holidays and extreme financial conditions, much of the university will be shut down from Dec. 24 to Jan. 3. Here is Inside's compilation of plans made by some of the campus units you might hope to use during this time.

1930s hospital

1930s ISU hospital

Dec. 17

It started with a 'sanitary department'

The gritty 125-year history of the student health center includes tales of altruistic doctors who juggled such duties as coach, professor or sanitation inspector.

Dec. 17

Commencement is Dec. 18-19

An estimated 1,581 students will receive degrees during winter commencement events Dec. 18-19.

Dec. 17

State Gym lots will close soon

Two parking lots will be closed soon for State Gym remodeling and construction. Lots 1 and 59A may close as early as the week of Dec. 21.