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Jan. 30, 2009

New programs add to course choices

by Erin Rosacker

Iowa State's new academic catalog, effective for 2009-10 and 2010-11, will be published in March. The catalog sports 331 new courses, and eliminates 200 from the 2007-09 publication.

The Faculty Senate approved the new catalog content at its Jan. 20 meeting. Liberal Arts and Sciences added the most new courses (82), followed by Human Sciences (69) and Engineering (57). Business had the biggest net gain (37) of new courses against dropped courses, followed by Engineering (33) and interdisciplinary programs (24).

Several new degree programs are being offered -- such as Business' first-ever doctorate (business and technology), an undergraduate bachelor's of science in global resource systems, and a graduate certificate in biorenewable resources and technology. Listed below are the majors, minors and certificates dropped from and added to the 2009-11 catalog.

New majors (8)

  • Global resource systems, B.S. (Ag and Life Sciences)
  • Business and technology, Ph.D. (Business)
  • Environmental graphic design, specialization, M.A. (Design)
  • Graphic design, specialization, M.A. (Design)
  • Biological systems engineering, B.S. (Engineering)
  • Culinary science, B.S. (Human Sciences)
  • Bioinformatics and computational biology, B.S. (LAS)
  • World languages and cultures, B.A. (LAS)

New minors (6)

  • Meat science (Ag and Life Sciences)
  • Bioengineering (Engineering)
  • Nuclear engineering (Engineering)
  • Sport and culture (Human Sciences)
  • Music technology (LAS)
  • World languages and cultures (LAS)

New certificates (6)

  • Latin American studies (LAS)
  • Community leadership and public service (LAS)
  • Teaching English as a second language, graduate (LAS, interdisciplinary)
  • Biorenewable resources and technology, graduate (interdisciplinary)
  • Food safety and defense, graduate (interdisciplinary)
  • Graduate student teaching, graduate (interdisciplinary)

Dropped degrees and minors (8)

  • Agriculture systems technology, graduate minor (Ag and Life Sciences)
  • Nutritional physiology, M.S./Ph.D. (Human Sciences)
  • Nutrition, M.S./Ph.D. (Human Sciences)
  • French, B.A. (LAS)
  • German, B.A. (LAS)
  • Russian studies, B.A. (LAS)
  • Spanish, B.A. (LAS)
  • Portugese, minor (LAS)


ISU's 2009-11 academic catalog boasts 331 new courses. Interdisciplinary and collaborative programs are giving students more choices.