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May 17, 2007

Council tables flex pay motion

by Erin Rosacker

The university launched a flexible pay program in January, giving colleges and administrative units an avenue to financially reward their non-organized P&S staff for extraordinary performance. That program was modeled after a successful pilot program at the University of Iowa, offered "spot performance" ($75) and "exceptional performance" (up to $5,000) awards. In June 2006, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, gave regent universities approval to develop their own "bonus" pay programs.

The problem at Iowa State: not one of the colleges or departments adopted the program.

As a result, the Professional and Scientific Council's awards committee partnered with the compensation and benefits committee to draft a motion calling for an expanded awards program that "would encompass many of the positive benefits of the failed flexible pay program." That motion, introduced at the council's March 7 meeting, was tabled pending an April meeting ot council president Cathy Good, council president-elect Dan Woodin and the Council of Deans.

Although college deans and administrative areas rejected the flex pay program, Good reported at the P&S Council's May 3 meeting that there still was campus interest in the issue. She said that some areas already have established rewards - including gift certificates and professional development funds.

"Keeping the flex pay component rather discreet - a smaller piece of the overall portfolio - to me, would be the best thing," Good said. "I'm thinking that if we have the opportunity to develop more of a portfolio that provides a lot of different options that might fit different areas that have different resources, that flex pay would then just be one part of it."

Good said she would keep working on the issue over the next few months, talking with administrators and gathering thoughts and ideas from across campus. Council members voted unanimously to table the motion indefinitely.


A motion to revive aspects of ISU's failed "bonus" pay program for P&S staff is tabled while the council works with campus administrators and college deans on alternative award methods.