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April 27, 2007

Bookstore project heads into phase II

by Anne Krapfl


Work continues at the University Book Store - but go on in and check things out. Photo by Bob Elbert.

The wall came down as anticipated last week, when the University Book Store expanded into new retail space in the south addition to the Memorial Union. A plywood wall had separated the former and new spaces for the last four months.

This is not the end of the bookstore's renovation project, but nearly the end of the first of three phases. The entire project should wrap up next January, said Amy DeLashmutt, marketing director for the bookstore.

Shoppers can enter the new area through the existing store as the changes continue. Other entrances (new west entrance off the expanded MU terrace and a north entrance) will become available later in the project.

Phase I adds 10,000 square feet that houses general books, part of the ISU clothing and gift sections and (later in May) textbooks. Students shopping for summer session texts will use the existing textbooks section. The supply and art areas will move to the front of the store in the former general books space over the next several weeks. Cashier stations will remain in their current location until phase III of the project.

Phase II will involve remodeling the east end of the store (the area customers currently know as art and supplies and textbooks) and remodeling former office space into retail area. It will include the addition of a north entrance that will allow customers to enter the store directly from the parking ramp or the north side of the Memorial Union, DeLashmutt said.

Phase III likely will begin at the start of fall semester. It involves closing the current store entrance (the new entrance will be further east in the store) and remodeling more existing store space. When all the work is complete, the bookstore will nearly double in size.


Phase 1 of a three-phase renovation of the University Book Store is nearly complete. The entire project should wrap up next January.