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March 30, 2007

Ice storm cleanup continues

by Erin Rosacker

storm cleanup

Randy Bryan (left) and Brandon Kadner work to clear storm-damaged trees and limbs near Lagomarcino Hall. Campus services crews will be working on the cleanup into the summer. Photo by Bob Elbert.

A walk around campus this spring may not be as colorful, thanks to winter storms that piled snow upon ice-laden branches in February. According to Les Lawson, campus services manager, blooming trees such as redbud, serviceberry, hawthorn and crabapple suffered the brunt of the damage.

"It's the understory stuff - the smaller trees up to 20 feet - that really took the hit," Lawson said.

Crews have been busy cleaning up the mess, and he expects the cleanup to continue through summer. But the goal this month is to get areas cleared and ready for April events.

"We're trying to get ready for the 150th celebration right now," Lawson said. "Our first priority was to get all the walkways, roads and parking lots open. We've pretty well got everything clear and now we're trying to get the central campus area ready for the 150th and Veishea. That's our push right now."

The piles of snow left behind didn't help matters, but a combination of warm temperatures and spring break came at just the right time.

"When we first started, we had two-foot drifts we were trying to wade through to get everything pulled out. Now we're starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel," Lawson said. "Right now we can't be cleaning and raking because the ground is still wet. For a couple weeks here, we'll hit it really hard with almost everybody."

There is a silver lining to all the damage, however. Lawson said crews are using a chipper to turn the downed trees and branches into mulch, which will be used around campus this spring and summer.

"We might as well get some use out of it," he said.


Crews have been busy cleaning up the ISU campus after recent winter storms. The blooming trees suffered the brunt of the damage.