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February 11, 2005

Council seeks candidates

by Anne Krapfl

Candidates are being recruited to fill 17 seats in the March election for the Professional and Scientific Council. Twelve are three-year terms and the rest are one- or two-year terms to complete unexpired terms. There are vacancies in all six areas of representation.

Current council president Kevin Kane answered a few questions about service to the council.

What is the time commitment?

A first-time council member serving on a single committee might expect to put in 4 to 5 hours each month. Committee chairpersons probably spend closer to 8 to 10 hours monthly on council work. The time commitment is greater for officers of the executive committee.

What kinds of issues does the council work on?

The council has been asked to provide input on key university issues such as the next strategic plan and the decision to combine two colleges. Recently, the council also has kept P&S-specific compensation and benefits issues in front of the administration, including early retirement, P&S annual salary report, mileage reimbursement rate, and a review of the classification and compensation system.

What sorts of skills are helpful?

People who are interested in the inner workings of a university, and in learning how parts of the university other than their own work, will get a lot out of being on council. There's no tuition and no formal "class time," but you really learn a lot about the environment you're working in.

Can I apply myself or does someone need to nominate me?

Both options are acceptable. The nomination form does require a statement from the nominee on why he/she wants to serve on the council and summary of qualifications.

How do I apply?

More information and a form are available on the council's election Web site, or contact Malisa Rader,
4-3040. The deadline is Friday, Feb. 18.