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January 14, 2005

Healthy habits in the new year

Eating right, right on campus

If you can pass up the candy bars, chips and other snacks, it is possible to find a nutritious meal on campus, even from vending machines, says Sally Barclay, dietitian with the Nutrition Clinic for Employee Wellness.

"If you zero in on the right things, there are healthy options," she said.

Her advice is to avoid fried foods and creamy or cheesy soups and sauces, include fruits and vegetables, and opt for whole grains (such as wheat bread and brown rice) whenever possible. She also suggests swapping that cola for nonfat milk.

And keep an eye on portion sizes, Barclay said.

"Often, it isn't a matter of what we eat, but how much we eat," she said. "On campus, the portion sizes generally are quite reasonable -- unlike many restaurants."

To get you started, Barclay assembled several meals (right) featuring nutritious foods (based on campus offerings on Jan. 10). Prices are included.

Memorial Union food court

  • 1 cup chili ($3.09)
  • Salad from salad bar using Italian blend lettuce, sunflower seeds, chopped hard-cooked eggs, kidney beans, broccoli, triple pepper medley, tomato wedges and shredded carrots with low-calorie dressing (small salad $2.99, large salad $4.99)
  • Fresh fruit (75 cents)
  • Nonfat milk in bottle ($1.09)

Fresh Burrito Works (new in Memorial Union food court)

  • 3 oz. chicken with achiote sauce on top of Romaine lettuce, pinto beans, salsa, cheddar/jack cheese, diced green onions, black olives and chipotle lime vinaigrette dressing ($5.49)
  • Fresh fruit (75 cents)
  • 12 oz. nonfat white or chocolate milk ($1.09)

Hawthorn Cafe (Frederiksen Court)

  • Portabella burger ($3) or grilled chicken ($3.65) on fresh baked bun
  • Side of cooked broccoli (90 cents) or assorted fresh vegetables with dip ($1.60)
  • Fresh fruit (55 cents)
  • 8 oz. non-fat white or chocolate milk (49 cents)

UDCC Marketplace

All-you-can-eat-lunch costs $7.50. (This can be tough for those who think they need to eat a lot to get their money's worth.)

  • Fresh fruit of choice
  • Nonfat milk


  • Shrimp lo mein (Wok Your Way)
  • Rice


  • Rotini pasta with mushroom spaghetti sauce (Oregano's)
  • Cooked baby whole carrots or side salad with low-cal dressing


  • Cheese tortellini soup (Farmer's Market)
  • Wrap with chicken fajita meat, black beans and vegetables (Wok Your Way)


  • Chicken salad pita ($2.25) or roast beef sandwich on wheat ($2.50)
  • Carrot sticks with dip ($2)
  • Fresh orange or other fresh fruit of choice (75 cents)
  • 8 oz. nonfat milk (75 cents)

Courtyard Cafe (Lagamarcino)

  • 8 oz. corn chowder ($2.75)
  • Vegetable spinach wrap ($3.79)
  • Fresh fruit cup (95 cents)
  • Nonfat milk in bottle ($1.09)
Food from the Courtyard Cafe

A dietitian's choice: Corn chowder and vegetable spinach wrap are featured in Sally Barclay's selections at the Courtyard Cafe, Lagomarcino Hall.(Photo by Bob Elbert.)

More help

Campus employees who would like additional help with their nutritional needs (whether to lose weight, address medical problems like high blood pressure, or just get into better shape) should contact the Nutrition Clinic. All employees who work at least one-third time are eligible for up to three free sessions per year. In addition, dietitian Sally Barclay offers free monthly lunch-and-learn classes on various nutrition topics and sends out a "Healthy Recipe of the Week." Recipes and classes also are online.