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February 23, 2001

Safety tips online

In an ongoing effort to enhance personal security on campus, the department of public safety (DPS) has released a list of cautionary suggestions.

For instance:
  • If you encounter a potential burglary, or come upon destruction of property or research at the workplace, do not touch anything so you don't disturb possible evidence. Leave the premises immediately. Call DPS at 911 once you feel safe.
  • If you are the victim of an attack or threat, avoid panicking; remain calm. Avoid physical confrontations over personal valuables or university property. Try to remember as many descriptive characteristics of your attacker as possible.
  • If you feel you are in danger, or are being attacked and want help, yell "Call 911!" or give specific directions to onlookers ("You! Get the police!" or "Walk with me -- I'm being followed").
For more safety tips, check out the DPS Web site at

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