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September 24, 1999

Largest freshman class in 16 years pushes enrollment past 26,000

by Steve Sullivan
Iowa State's fall enrollment is the fourth highest in its history and passed the 26,000 mark for the first time since 1986.

Iowa State enrolled 26,110 students this fall, an increase of 525 over fall 1998's enrollment of 25,585. The 1999 enrollment includes 21,901 undergraduate students (474 more than last year). Graduate enrollment is 4,209 (51 more students than fall 1998).

Minority enrollment for fall 1999 is 1,726, an increase of 39 students compared to last year. Minority students make up 6.6 percent of the fall enrollment.

International student enrollment is 2,441, a decrease from last year's international enrollment of 2,459.

The overall enrollment increase is attributed to "a more effective effort to identify and recruit prospective students for whom ISU would be the best choice," said David Bousquet, assistant vice president for enrollment.

Bousquet also credited the ISU community in the recruitment effort.

"The entire campus is actively engaged in student recruitment, from faculty who make themselves available to meet with prospective students and parents, to facilities staff who maintain our attractive and appealing campus," Bousquet said.

Iowa State enrolled its largest freshman class -- 4,085 students -- in 16 years. The class includes 115 National Merit Scholars, 10 National Hispanic Scholars and 9 National Achievement Scholars. This is the highest number of entering freshmen who are National Hispanic and National Achievement scholars in the university's history.

The entering freshman class includes a total of 328 minority students -- the third largest class of entering minority freshmen in the university's history.

The university set new records for enrollment of freshman Hispanic and American Indian students. It enrolled the highest number of freshman African American students since 1993 and the third highest number of Asian students on record.

The entering freshman class includes 146 African American students, 89 Asian American students, 77 Hispanic students and 16 American Indian students.

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