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September 24, 1999


To the editor:

General alarm has been raised at ISU by the very idea that someone innocent of charges of sexual harassment might be severely sanctioned without benefit of the most rudimentary pretense at due process. The administration's position on the Michael Simonson fiasco remains that the subsequent judgment of his guilt has somehow made the treatment he received acceptable. Of course, it does not.

Impelled largely by that case, a committee of the Faculty Senate has put together a revised faculty conduct policy. If endorsed by the Faculty Senate and approved by President Jischke, the new policy will be on a fast track to the Regents. Don't blink or you may miss the open discussion of the policy. It ensures that a faculty member accused of harassment, academic dishonesty, incompetence, neglect of duty or criminal behavior will get a hearing in front of a faculty committee before administrative sanctions are imposed.

And the rights of the injured? Don't ask.

-- Virginia Allen

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