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April 16, 1999

P&S Council approves pro-Veishea, salary motions

by Anne Dolan

At its April 1 meeting, the Professional and Scientific Council approved two motions -- one supporting Veishea and one recommending a salary increase distribution policy for this summer.

The Veishea motion applauds student efforts to keep the event going and commits council members to helping "showcase the university." The motion replaces a motion introduced in January that called for council members to personally commit to an alcohol-free and safe event and encourage other P&S staff to do the same. The motion will be sent to the Veishea central committee.

The council's salary increase recommendation is that one- third of the salary increase allocation received this summer from the Legislature recognize satisfactory performance, and the remainder be used to recognize factors including outstanding performance, growth in a job, compression issues, comparable worth issues and market value of a position. The recommendation will be sent to the Provost Office.

In other council business:

Council vice president Jim Twetten noted many of the issues facing the council seem to remain the same from year to year. Some-times that's a result of no movement by the council and sometimes it's due to misperception among em- ployees about how the ISU system works. In the latter case, the solution is not to dismiss the concern, but to educate employees, he said. The council's noon forums could do more to address misunderstandings and misperceptions, he added.

The next council meeting begins at 2 p.m. Thursday, May 6, in the Memorial Union Pioneer Room. Council members will elect officers for the 1999-2000 academic year. A noon open forum, also in the Pioneer Room, will feature reports from four of the P&S teams that received grants for student recruitment and retention projects this year.

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