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April 2, 1999

Pilot recycling project under way

A four-month, student-run pilot program to recycle newspapers from six campus buildings began in mid-February. Newspapers can be dropped at recycling bins located near the ISU Daily distribution sites in Bessey, Carver, Parks Library, Pearson and Physics buildings and at the recycling area in Beardshear Hall.

Recyclers are asked not to bring newspapers from home or other buildings, because that would skew data that will be collected as part of the pilot program. The recycling program is a project of the ISU Student Environmental Council and is funded by the Vice President for Business and Finance. Fresh Aire Delivery will collect the newspapers.

"We will not receive any payment for the recycled newspaper," said Amy Duin of the Student Environmental Council. "We hope the decrease in garbage and tipping fees at the Ames Resource Recovery Plant will help offset some of the collection expenses."

Duin added the student group anticipates the recycling effort will help reduce litter in buildings and save custodial time.

For more information, contact Duin, 292-0749, or Gloria Erickson (ISU Recycling Committee), 4-7977.

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