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April 2, 1999

Merit staff receive four hours off, paid

All state merit employees -- including ISU's merit staff -- will be granted an additional four hours of paid time off as a result of a settlement of AFSCME grievances.

The grievances stemmed from the early work dismissal Dec. 24, 1998, of some state employees. All merit staff who were employed by Iowa State as of Dec. 24 will be given the additional four hours, said Vicki Brubaker, human resource services.

"The employees need not have been at work Dec. 24, which was a university holiday, to receive the additional hours," she added.

The four hours of time must be taken by June 30, 1999. Brubaker said supervisors should grant the time off when it's efficient to do so. Supervisors should keep a record of when the four hours of paid time are taken, perhaps noting it on the employee's wage-hour report. Supervisors should not add the four hours to the employee's vacation record, she said.

Those with questions should contact Brubaker at 4-0148.

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